12 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Foundation Contractor in Indiana

Dealing with foundation contractors in Indiana doesn’t need to be stressful! Asking the right questions can ensure you find the best professional for your property. Additionally, it can make the foundation repair process easier on you overall. Check out 12 questions you might ask when working with a foundation repair contractor for your home or commercial structure:

1. Ask about their warranty

Property owners often forget to ask about a warranty! Ensure your contractor provides a warranty or guarantee for both materials and their labor. For more information, please visit us at https://indianapolisfoundationrepairexperts.com/.

2. Ask about the cause of your property’s damaged foundation

Correcting plumbing issues or poor drainage ensures foundation repairs last for years, so don’t hesitate to ask about the cause of your property’s foundation damage.

3. Don’t hesitate to ask about alternative options

In some cases, your contractor might be able to offer simpler, less expensive fixes. If they don’t offer, don’t hesitate to ask!

4. Check if you need to be home during the process

Basement repairs might require you to be home, to provide access to the space. Otherwise, you might be able to make other plans for the day!

5. Always ensure they’ll pull needed permits

A contractor should always pull permits when needed. Ensure they’re prepared for this step and will also schedule inspections and other requirements.

6. Ask if you need to shut off your property’s utility lines

Not all foundation repairs affect utility lines, and many contractors can shut these off when needed. However, you might ask ahead of time, just to be sure!

7. Check if they’ll pull up landscaping

Too often, foundation repair requires excavation which means pulling up landscaping. While contractors might replant those greens after work completion, you might take the step of removing them yourself if preferred.

8. If you need financing, ask!

Many foundation repair contractors work with local lenders who offer low-cost financing for needed fixes. If you need financing for your repairs, don’t hesitate to ask your contractor!

9. Note if your property might need secondary fixes

When checking for foundation damage, contractors often note interior wall cracks, overly moist soil, and uneven door and window frames. In turn, they can often alert you to this damage so you can address needed fixes.

10. Ask about waterproofing along with foundation repair

Waterproofing protects slab, basements, and crawl spaces from added damage. Along with foundation repair, this service ensures a clean, dry structure and strong foundation under it!

11. Don’t hesitate to ask if the foundation is strong enough

It’s especially vital that you don’t put added weight on a structure unless the foundation can hold that weight. In turn, you can ask your foundation repair contractors in Indiana if the foundation will support a new deck, addition, stone floors, and other projects.

12. Ask for their business card so you can refer them to others!

If your contractor has done an excellent job, don’t hesitate to ask for business cards so you can refer them to others. Their work can then ensure that your friends and family also have a strong, stable foundation under their property.

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